jakob-stemaMy name is Jakob Ørsted Pedersen and I am 46 years old. My wife Gitte Jensen is 43 years old and she is working as a Social Educator. We are the proud parents off our lovely children Frederik and Mathilde, respectively 12 and 9 years old.

In my spare time I practice different kind of sports like football, mountainbiking, skiing in winter in the European alps / Norway and running in the forrest, especially with my kids.

Earlier on I have been busy in my sparetime building mountainbike tracks in the forrest in Ulstrup. I have done this in agreement with the forest owner and the municipalty recording to the suggestion I made in 2012/2013. Meanwhile I have been mtb coach for the local Sports union.

Here you can see some of my own mtb videos wich I have made to lure a lot more people to join the mtb team in Ulstrup.

Click on the pictures:

mtb-film-vinter          mtb-film-sommer-2

In 2008, most off my sparetime was used on building our own M2 “Twin-House”. All from foundation, ground deck, roof construction, mounting of doors an windows, indoor works with plasterboard walls, kitchen and utility room arrangement etc.

In 1999 I started Copenhagen Jet-ski Club.
A friend and I found the ideal place for this kind of sport in Copenhagen Harbour. After some talks and negotiation with Copenhagen Harboer and Copenhagen municipality it was a reality and the work in building up the Club started.

Some of my own videos from this jetski period:

Click on the pictures:

jetski-film-1          jetski-film-2          jetski-film-3
Earlier on I have travelled in the East, United States and Central America and on these trips I have enjoyed gaining knowledge about the countrie’s history, cultures and especially their architecture.

I hope the above has formed a picture of my person and I am of course willing to give further information if requested.