NAU – Nyt Aalborg Universitetshospital

Facts about the building:

170.000 m2

MT Højgaard has been selected as contractor for concrete carcass/structural work. The contract includes concrete work in the form of casting of basements, columns and floor slabs. In addition, there is also performed the mounting of wall elements and a number of soil and sewage works. The contract is expected to last about 3½ years and to be completed at end-Q1 to 2019.



– Architect: Konsortium Indigo

– Engineers: Konsortium Indigo

– Contractors: MT Højgaard


My responsibilities:

  • Time schedule in Vico Schedule Planner – planning the workmanship of 170.000 m2 concrete carcass

Project management of the following contracts:

  • Electricity and potential equalization – Construction cost: 3 mill. dkr.
  • Steel carcass – Construction cost: 20 mill. dkr.
  • Roof asphalt membrane – Construction cost: 2,3 mill. dkr.



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