Office for Bestseller

Facts about the building:

A project which MT Højgaard won 2013/2014 after the previous contractor Phil & Son went bankrupt.

  • 22.000 m² office/showrooms
  • 25.000 m² basement (parking)
  • 5 different buildings connected by one big atrium Building
  • Elements such as groundwater cooling, solar cells, three-layer glazing etc. ensures that the building achieves low energy class 2015.


– Architect: C.F. Møller

– Engineers: Cowi A/S

– Contractors: MT Højgaard


My responsibilities:

  • Time schedule in Vico Schedule Planner – planning the workmanship of work from allmost done concrete carcass until totally finished building in 17 months. MT Højgaard got this project from the contractor Phil og Søn, who had gone bankrupt.
  • Trimming production, optimization construction time, in- / external coordination and conflict management.

Up to delivery of the building I took over the management regarding the execution of the following contracts:

  • Floor tiles
  • Glass railing
  • Helped with steel terraces and glass railing



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