Amsterdamhusene, Frederikssund

Facts about the building:

New homes at the old harbour in Frederikssund, inspired by the buildings in the Netherlands.

6.950 m²
58 homes
10 different style of homes
Sizes from 80-170 m²



– Developer: JM Danmark A/S

– Architect: Arkitektgruppen Aarhus

– Engineers: Steensen & Varming A/S

– Contractors: MT Højgaard A/S


My responsibilities:

2002-2003 as Security Coordinator:

  • Project evaluation
  • Workplace optimization
  • Safety on construction sites

2001-02 Construction manager:

  • Projects: Charlotte Haven, Østerbro, Copenhagen., Amsterdam Houses in Frederikssund
  • Construction management from start to finish with all coordinating tasks
  • Quality assurance outfitting (eg carpenters, kitchen, electricians, tilers, paint, plumbing, flooring carpenter, ventilation, stairs, walls, various vendors)



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