Garnisonsparken, Farum Kaserne

Facts about the buildings:

New homes at the old military barracks area in Farum.

21.700 m²
206 homes
8 different style of homes
Sizes from 84-132 m²


– Developer: ArkitektGruppen A/S / Centerplan A/S

– Architect: Wilhelm Lauritzen A/S

– Engineers: Cowi A/S

– Contractors: ArkitektGruppen A/S


My responsibilities:

  • Construction management, planning and control from start to finish with all coordinating tasks
  • Management and quality assurance of work done by sub-Contractors:
    – Foundations
    – Prefabricated constructions (bathrooms, concrete elements, balconies, stairs etc.)
    – Carpentry
    – Painting
  • Security Coordinator



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